Because we believe that each child with autism has the potential to make a difference in the world, we unlock autism one child at a time through center-based therapy.



Unique to Each Child

Each child is different and unique, therefore therapy must also be unique and customized for each child. We utilized Applied Behavior Analysis (better known as ABA) to improve behavior in everyday life.

We are currently offering half day and full day therapy.


Our center has openings for children on the spectrum for therapy.


Brighton:  10031 Spencer Road, Brighton MI  (810)229-4334

Burton/Grand Blanc:  4476 S. Dort Hwy.  Burton MI48529 (810)344-8082

unlocking autism

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Our reason for being here...



We started this center to serve the needs of children in our community on the autism spectrum. Our commitment to work with children and families to afford successful services and give hope is our goal. We want to see each of these children have a succesful transition into mainstream culture: school, the workplace, and society at large. We promise to offer excellence in all we do for you and your child. 


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We have two locations, click to view Brighton Michigan

Burton  Michigan

Brighton Michigan