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Tree of Possibilities

We provide relief to families of children diagnosed with Autism through one on one Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy. We utilize our unique Tree of Possibilities approach – our experienced team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) has taken the time to break down every skill a child needs into 4 key areas: The Roots of Good Behavior, The Trunk of Daily Living, The Branches of Communication, and the Leaves of Social Engagement. With this detailed approach, our therapists implement highly individualized programming created by the child’s BCBA that will address the areas of concern.

The Roots of Good Behavior

Everything starts with the basics! Our roots focus on self-control, beginning communication, and following routines and rules.

The Trunk of Daily Adaptive Living

Daily living for children includes learning to pay attention to things in their world and sustaining that attention for longer periods of time. Children learn to scan their environment and to focus on what’s important. Children learn to play, which is pivotal for unlocking other skills and understanding their world.

The Branches of Communication

Communication is a core deficit of Autism, and is addressed all day long in therapy. Children learn to ask for what they want and need, they learn increased vocabulary, and the basics of conversation.

The Leaves of Social Engagement

All parents want a strong connection with their children, and it can be particularly difficult to see this in a child diagnosed with Autism. Our Social Engagement goals help children learn to connect with others, through eye contact and communication. Special focus is placed on following directions as part of a group, and engaging with peers in a group, as precursors to a school environment.