Music Services

Led by a board-certified music therapist and registered behavior technician


Jump Start and Grow:

A social and school preparatory music group that aims to have your child counting, reading, singing, laughing, and engaging! All music interventions are designed to encourage social interactions and make academic skills easy and fun to learn.

$180/8 weeks, $95/4 weeks, a-la-carte options available


Mommy and Me:

A class for moms and their children to bond and connect through music. Moms will leave with resources as to songs and activities they can use as their child grows. We explore the uses of rhythm, touch, and melody to enhance your child’s relationship with you and with others.

$180/8 weeks, $95/4 weeks, a-la-carte options available


Adaptive Lessons:

Have you wanted your child to learn an instrument, but traditional lessons proved too overwhelming or were not playing to your child’s strengths? Adaptive lessons are designed to meet your child’s needs and match their learning style. Lessons on piano, guitar, violin, viola, and voice are available.



Individual Music Therapy Sessions:

If your child loves music, music therapy is an evidenced-based treatment that works on a variety of goals. Music therapists are trained to use music to address non-music related goals that include social, communication, academic, and cognitive areas. Want to increase your child’s attention? Increase vocalizations? Learn coping skills? Music therapy can meet your child’s needs. Documentation and monthly progress updates provided.