Autism Support Services

Parent Education & Support

Apart from the child being directly affected by autism, it's the family who bear the greatest weight of responsibility. We understand this role and understand many parents are overwhelmed with what to do. 

As part of regular programming for your child, we provide parent education through regular meetings with your BCBA. We request that all families observe therapy at least 30 minutes each week and attend a meeting with the BCBA for 30 minutes each week.

To accommodate family’s busy schedules, we have many options for observation and meeting:

  • Any caregiver may attend to observe or meet (parents, grandparents, other significant caregivers)
  • Caregivers may take turns observing or meeting (no need for one parent to commit to all the meetings)
  • Meetings and observations can take place right at drop off or pick up
  • Meetings can be conducted remotely via phone or internet based options for busy families

Speech and Language

A Speech and Language Pathologist can evaluate, diagnose, and provide intervention for a variety of communication disorders.  Strive Center for Autism has partnered with Leigh Harter Speech Services to provide Speech Therapy in both our Brighton and Burton locations. These services are available to a wide variety of children; a diagnosis of Autism is not required, nor is enrollment in ABA services. Contact Leigh Harter Speech Services for more information at or call (713)-542-8833.