We start with HEART. By leading and hiring with HEART we are able to provide relief to families of children with autism while guiding them through four key skill areas using our unique Tree of Possibilities approach. 

Clinical Director: Amy Hund, MA, LLP, BCBA

Clinical Director: Amy Hund, MA, LLP, BCBA

Clinical Director Amy Hund

Amy earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University. She earned her master's degree from Western Michigan University's highly acclaimed Applied Behavior Analysis program, studying under Dr. Richard Malott. She has served as the lead psychologist for a residential neurobehavioral and medically complex children’s unit, and has served as the director for several Applied Behavior Analysis programs serving children with Autism in schools, homes, and clinical settings in southeast Michigan. Amy holds a Limited License in Psychology and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and participates in several behavior analytic groups, including the Association for Behavior Analysis International and the Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan. She has presented at a wide variety of conferences, including the Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan's annual conference, the Michigan Association of Public School Academies conference, the Michigan Association for the Education of the Young Child's Early Childhood conference, and the Association for Child Development's training conference. Amy has been active on the Education Support and Services subcommittee of Michigan's Autism Council. She has received extensive training in B.F. Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior and its application to children with autism and regularly attends professional conferences and workshops in order to bring the most current research into her treatment of children.


BCBAs: Rebecca Cowell & Amy Hund

BCBAs: Rebecca Cowell & Amy Hund

Amy Hund and Rebecca Cowell are our BCBAs who lead and oversee our team of therapists in program implementation. 

             Our Vision, Mission, Core Values &                     The Tree of Possibilities

Our VISION is to be a premier ABA Center in Michigan.

Our MISSION is because we believe that each child with autism has the potential to make a difference in the world, we unlock one child at a time through center-based therapy.


  1. Acceptance - We believe acceptance respects individuality and a willingness to appreciate other's differences.
  2. Communication - We believe communication starts with active listening and the sharing of ideas with an open mind.
  3. Cooperation - We believe cooperation builds team trust by being respectful and flexible.
  4. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) - We value CQI by being proactive to solve problems and encourage new ideas.
  5. Encouragement - We believe inspiration, motivation and affirmation provides encouragement necessary to support the growth of our team.

Our Tree of Possibilities

Each  step  in  our  Tree  of  Possibilities  process  lays  the  groundwork  for  the  next  step.  By  teaching  and  compounding  skills  our  children  are  able  to  master  the  current  steps  while  building  the  skills  to  make  the  next  step  that  much  easier.  




  1. The Roots of Good Behavior

  2. The Trunk of Daily Living

  3. The Branches of Communication

  4. The Leaves of Social Engagement