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We start with HEART. Our culture is one of creativity, out of the box thinking and doing, and fun. Through our unique hiring process we screen our staff to ensure they have the 5 essential qualities necessary to be a part of our professional family. We hire for attitude by modeling our interview process around asking specific questions that draw out qualities unique to our environment. By discovering who will and won’t succeed, we are able to hire people with HEART.heart.jpg


Clinical Director: Amy Hund, MA, LLP, BCBA

Amy earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University. She earned her master's degree from Western Michigan University's highly acclaimed Applied Behavior Analysis program, studying under Dr. Richard Malott. She has served as the lead psychologist for a residential neurobehavioral and medically complex children’s unit, and has served as the director for several Applied Behavior Analysis programs serving children with Autism in schools, homes, and clinical settings in southeast Michigan. Amy holds a Limited License in Psychology and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and participates in several behavior analytic groups, including the Association for Behavior Analysis International and the Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan. She has presented at a wide variety of conferences, including the Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan's annual conference, the Michigan Association of Public School Academies conference, the Michigan Association for the Education of the Young Child's Early Childhood conference, and the Association for Child Development's training conference. Amy has been active on the Education Support and Services subcommittee of Michigan's Autism Council. She has received extensive training in B.F. Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior and its application to children with autism and regularly attends professional conferences and workshops in order to bring the most current research into her treatment of children.


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Rebecca Cowell, Jessica Milobar and Christy Wahl

Alongside Amy Hund, Rebecca Cowell, Jessica Milobar and Christy Wahl are our BCBAs who lead and oversee our team of therapists in program implementation.